Some online portals live based on SAP´s new WebChannel Experience Management

Some SAP customers decided until now to use SAP WebChannel Experience Management as basis for their onlineshop. Here you find some examples for solutions based on SAP WebChannel Experience Management (WCEM):

I’am quite excited to see the next online portals on this new SAP technological basis. Instead, any of this projects maybe affected by SAP´s decision to aquire Hybris, but they are still running. We will see what the future brings.


Danfoss Drive Configurator based on SAP IPC

Danfoss uses a standalone SAP Internet Pricing and Configurator (IPC) to run a web-application which offers the customers the ability to configure their own “Danfoss VLT® frequency converter”.

Really a unique scenario – I have never seen a stand-alone IPC available via the “free” internet. I only knew scenarios embedded in companies extranet´s. Just have a look at the webpage.

You are able to configure your own machine, based on SAP ERP materials and the maintained dependencies. The system automatically checks the dependencies and show conflicts in the configuration. If you have configured a conflict free product you got a so called “typecode” to contact the sales department to order the product or ask for a quotation.

Coop@home – the swiss online supermarket

Coop@home – online food retailing successful done. Coop runs a SAP E-Commerce webshop solution with integration in SAP CRM for for their online supermarket “coop@home”. The solution offers many functionalites that makes it work for the customers:

  • delivery of the ordered products to the home front door
  • pick up of the orderd products whenever you want (in the Zurich-area)
  • huge assortment of goods
  • modern design of the webshop
  • last but not least: mobile versions for mobile phones and tablets – both, android and iOS – with the killer functionality “scanning of the barcode to add the product into the basket”

Have a look at the onlineshop.

It seems there are a lot more brands realised on basis of this webshop system, e.g.:

B2B integration scenario with SAP ERP at Asia Pulp and Paper

Asia Pulp and Paper (APP) uses a SAP Internet Sales scenario. This site seems to be a 4.0 release, if I have a look at the style of the login page – but there is some work in progress – under a test webshop should be available, but is not now. Maybe we could see soon a SAP WebChannel Experience Scenario, which is in ramp-up this time?

This B2B webshop needs a login, so nothing could be said about the functions of this webshop.

Click here to access the login page of the B2B webshop.

APP seems to use SAP integration scenarios extensivly – there is also a access to a SAP NetWeaver SRM portal available.

Well done – Paulmann Licht integrates SAP E-Commerce into TYPO3 webpage

Paulmann Licht uses a SAP E-Commerce B2C scenario in combination with an existing TYPO3 webpage. The content of the soft facts, like company or service information and tips about light are stores and edited in the TYPO3 CMS. The hardfacts about the products came directly from SAP ERP and is displayed via the well done SAP E-Commerce webshop system.

Especially the seamless integration of the product catalogue page into the TYPO3 page is really good implemented.

Just have a look at the webshop / product catalogue.

Everything a state-of-the-art webshop needs is available:

  • Multiple scenarios – ordering only in the german shop, in the other shops so far I have seen right now only a favorite list is available
  • Zoom into product image without new popup or reloading of the page
  • Extensive technical data
  • Document download
  • Multiple languages
  • Integration of social media

Congratulation Paulmann, very nice shop using the strength of SAP E-Commerce. Like I have seen on the page there is still a B2B-registration page on SAP Internet Transaction Server (ITS) technology. Maybe we see next another scenario on the existing system for the B2B customers?


Links and information about the SAP® E-Commerce Webshop for SAP® ERP and SAP® CRM. In the future there will be the focus on the SAP® WebChannel Experience solution – the revolution of the exisiting E-Commerce Webshop.

Some readers may knew the SAP® Webshop under the former name “Internet Sales (ISA)”. To complete history of SAP® solutions for E-Business I would like to name here the SAP® Internet Transaction Server (ITS) which was the first solution from SAP® to sell products via a webbased frontend (it´s still in use, also from SAP itself just have a look at this page).